Thursday, June 7, 2007

MAPI and Unicode

I discovered recently that Simple MAPI has no support for Unicode, which means that you have to use Extended Mapi "mapix.h" for Unicode support, well yeah its not that easy. So if someone is looking for Unicode support in MAPI, tough luck :(

Salvation? Huh?

Hello The Geeks , Nerds, Hackers , Everyone......

If someone is wondering what this blog is all about or gaping at the title "Tech Path to Salvation" , well we software engineers all come across small or big problems almost everyday at work , so i thought i will document all the problems and the solutions that i come across or just post questions so that people can answer them and give me tips or someone might learn from them.

Some of the things Which i love discussing are C++, Visual C++, PHP, MySQL, Shockwave, Flash, Director

take care